Concerning Bottled Water Trends

Everyone has had a bottle of water at some point in their life. They are the perfect way to get that refreshing drink while out and about or...

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Everyone has had a bottle of water at some point in their life. They are the perfect way to get that refreshing drink while out and about or even just at home. Often, bottled water is equipped with added nutrients and minerals to make the water taste great. With the rise in the bottled water industries over the past few years, many countries are beginning to realize the importance and ease that drinking bottled water can give them in their daily life. There are several trends that surround bottled water, and since it is one of the fastest growing beverage in the world, it’s no wonder that these trends are what have helped push bottled water into the spotlight during the past few years. Here is what you need to know about big trends in the bottled water today.

Professional Packaging

As the growth of bottled drink water rises, the need for better and more stylish packaging has become a huge part of the industry. Resealable options and recyclable options are normal for bottles, but the bottled water industry has begun playing with a new idea. Water in a can might sound crazy, but it is just a part of the packaging need that has become such a huge part of the industry today. Innovations in packaging, bottling, and labeling are one of the changes that have helped bring consumers toward the bottled water and encouraged people to purchase different brands. Packaging is one way in which the bottled water industry has grown and continued to push forward to retain their status at number one.

Growth in China

Currently, China remains as the number one consumer of bottled water in the entire world. China overtook the world to become the number one consumer, leaving the US in their dust. The market has grown considerably in this country because of the rise of bottled water companies in the area. The middle class in China, which is beginning to grow considerably, has begun drinking more bottled water, and even if the water was imported, many of the Chinese people said that they did not mind paying more for the water as long as they could drink it. With increased and more stylish packaging, the Chinese market for bottled water has put them in the top spot for this incredible market, surpassing even the United States where bottled water is abundant.

Growth in Australia

Distilled drinking water has begun to make quite the turn around in Australia. Recently, Australians are taking to drinking more bottled water than in the past few years. In fact, as many as 5.3 million of the Australian residents are drinking bottled water on a regular basis. The younger generations are beginning to make bottled water a regular part of their daily habits, drinking it often. Australian women are more likely to drink bottled water over men as well. Through a series of marketing techniques, packaging changes, and more the bottled water industry has taken off in Australia just like it has in other parts of the world.

Water More Than Water

Because of the pure water changes in places like Australia, water has become much more than just simple water. There are few limits to what water can be or what sort of water products consumers are willing to purchase to meet their needs. Sparkling water, super-oxygenated water, and more are just a few of the new products that are being pushed into the market. These new water types are part of the reason why so many people are purchasing bottled water today and why the market has grown. The Australian market is one such market that has proven effective in changing up the way bottled water is marketed and sold to consumers everywhere.


Many people, even those all around the world, have found that bottled water is a delicious and refreshing way to enjoy the water. Whether you are outdoors, inside, or even just at home, bottled water is pure and refreshing for many people in the world. The trends for bottled water have been changing rapidly for the good of the bottled water company. The growth of the drink has pushed it to become the number one beverage in the world, with China being the leading consumer of all things bottled water. Places like the US and Australia are beginning to change the way bottled water is marketed and packaged. These changes will only help the bottle water industry rise further still, giving consumers the opportunity to try new flavors, types, and brands.

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