California Recreational Marijuana Laws

Since 1996, when California legalized the use of medical marijuana, the laws have been drastically changing. In 2016, California Marijuana Laws relaxed further. Under Proposition 64, voters amended...

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recreational cannabis laws in Souther California

Since 1996, when California legalized the use of medical marijuana, the laws have been drastically changing. In 2016, California Marijuana Laws relaxed further. Under Proposition 64, voters amended the marijuana act to allow for the legal consumption of recreational marijuana. Under the bill, people who are 21 and above can legally smoke or ingest cannabis in the designated marijuana consumption areas or private homes.

The law, however, only allows one to be in possession of only 28.5 grams and below. With the implementation of the rules, most criminals charged with marijuana possession were sanctioned and sent home. A new 15% tax for sale and cultivation of cannabis was also introduced. By January 2018, the licenses to sell and produce marijuana for recreational purposes were already being issued out.

Using Marijuana for Commercial Purposes


Any person looking to engage in commercial marijuana is required to follow the Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act. The act depicts that the local government should license all cannabis businesses before they begin operation. The Bureau of Cannabis Control what activities are permitted in a marijuana business. It is also responsible for issuing licenses to the company involved with commercial marijuana. Lab testers, retailers, distributors, and cultivators can access all the services of The Bureau of Cannabis Control in their online platform. While the body is responsible for controlling recreational marijuana, it does not regulate medical marijuana. Medical marijuana laws remain intact, but dispensaries are required to obtain new operating licenses. Some medical cannabis is prohibited from selling while some are exempted from tax.

Marijuana Law Overview

California marijuana law his highlighted under The Business and Profession Code in the Health and Safety Conditions. The law guides the sale, possession, cultivation and use of marijuana.


Only those who are 21 years and above are permitted to consume marijuana. They can only possess 8 grams of concentrated cannabis and 28.5 grams of standard cannabis.

Legal people found with more than 8 grams contracted cannabis, or 28.5 grams of marijuana can be fined up to $500 or be imprisoned for up to 6 months in the county jail.


Businesses or individuals selling cannabis are required to have a license from the local government failure to which they risk six months’ imprisonment or $500 fine.

Additional civil penalties for engaging in commercial cannabis without a license stipulate a fine that equals three times the license fee.

Manufacturing and Cultivating

Cannabis manufacturing is regulated and controlled by the bureau of cannabis control. Cultivating, Planting, drying, and harvesting marijuana in cities like San Luis Obispo or Oceano California without complying with state law is punishable depending on the defendant’s age.

  1. A person aged between 18-21 years who plant and cultivate cannabis without following state laid outlaws is guilty of an infraction and can be penalized a fine not exceeding $100.
  2. A person who is 21 years and above who illegally plants and cultivate marijuana is guilty of infractions and can be imprisoned for six months or fined $500

However, exemptions are given if the defendant has a recommendation for medical marijuana or if he/she is a caregiver of a person who has prescribed medical marijuana.

Additional Guidelines

The law has other additional limitations that people are required to observe.
People are not allowed to smoke or ingest marijuana in public unless they are in a designated area licensed for cannabis consumption.

People who are driving should not consume any marijuana products. They should not have any open cannabis in the vehicle. Any marijuana being transported in a personal car should be adequately sealed and have a physician’s prescription.

California marijuana laws legal guide and help


The marijuana laws and regulations have created a lot of confusion for most people. Despite cannabis being legal in California, some provisions are provided by the Bureau of Cannabis Control concerning consumption, selling, and cultivating marijuana. Failing to company to the regulation may result in legal actions, which can be imprisonment, fines, or both. Most people fail to understand these laws and often find themselves under legal actions without knowing. Finding a good lawyer when you are caught up in such circumstances is vital to ensure your rights are not violated. When planning to engage in commercial marijuana, a reasonable attorney can give you the proper guidance to save you time and money

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